Irrational Man

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July 31 – Aug 6
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(US/2015/Writer/Director Woody Allen)
R / 94 mins
In the past few years we’ve seen A SERIOUS MAN (Coen Bros) and A SINGLE MAN (Tom Ford) and now, Woody Allen’s 45th film as writer/director gives us IRRATIONAL MAN referencing the title of a popular 1958 book that was meant to explain French existentialism.
His latest – another film about the “perfect murder” – concocts a tale about a philosophy professor whose dismal depression may be cured by committing a murder, not for love or money, but for a kind of justice. Set at a New England liberal arts college, Abe Lucas (Joaquin Phoenix) is the new philosophy prof whose reputation as a womanizing alcoholic precedes him. Soon after his arrival he’s corralled by an unhappily married colleague, Rita Richards (Parker Posey) and he tries fending off a bright student Jil Pollard (Emma Stone). At his Cannes’ Film Fest press conference, Allen said,“I think in everybody’s life there are turning points when you suddenly realize that something momentous could happen if you make a choice. In this case, the choice that Joaquin’s character makes is irrational, but it’s not so irrational given the choices that we all make in our lives.”
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